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Below are a sampling of some of Bybee unsolicited customer comments.  Some of these testimonials are taken from forums, while other comments are directly to us.  These comments are inserted to reflect the impressions of our customers.  We know you can find some negative comments about our products posted elsewhere on the internet, however you will note that most all negative comments are from persons that have not tried our products.  We understand that our products are controversial to some.  Our products truly need to be tried to believe the difference they can make to any system.  Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is a great way to try these products risk free.

If you enjoy our products, please leave us a review.   We would like to hear from you.  

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General Comments About Bybee Products

Are you a tinker'er? A DIY type? .....

One who as a child had to smash the clock apart with a hammer to see what was inside and then make things with the gears and springs? Ever listen to wire types or their possibilities of dielectrics? Or say get the excess metal out of the signal chain or hardwire? Different speaker boxes and sound dampening? Paint a cd black with a sharpie? 

If you are, you know that foolish grin that comes across your face when the next level of signal purity is found. Or the question mark that comes across your face when what you thought was going to happen....didn't.

The Bybee line of products are amazing!-) Silly grin late at night when the last solder joint is made and you can't keep your toe from tapping along with the music and the next level of beauty is revealed to you from within the source that you did not even know was there. Well this comes from just putting a signal enhancer under your wires! Or make a power bar and add a couple of iQSE blocks inside the thing. Again, more revelation from beyond or really within the noise removed from the atoms just spinning around and doing their thing. Next add an AC Bullet to your power bar.....more info from you source is revealed and the silly simple on your face just gets bigger. Such returns for so little work!

Then put more iQSE into your equipment and jaws drop yet again, like where does this stuff stop? So lay one atop your laptop and another at the modem and another going to the tv. More crazy revelations come your way, sharper images and all those "HiFi" words related to attack and soundstage width n' depth along with clarity of everything. More silly smiles and grins.

Where to next? For me with an active speaker system? Let's add a Quantum Purifier at the positive leg of each driver and a iQSE to hang over the wires where they come to the drivers.....hahahahaha, where does it stop! Can it? There is so much more revealed again from within the tunes I thought I knew so well and just a sense of rightness and more depth, width & height to the sound stage with more control over the drivers and the air around them.

So where next? Has to be Active Room Neutralizers and then likely back to more Quantum Purifiers in the signal chain and lets not forget the Music Rails, these last two are a little more invasive but cleaning up inside is only going to make this system shine even more.

when they as that adding more makes a continual and cumulatively positive effect? It is not hype to get you to purchase more, it is just the reality of the science of sound that is generated within our equipment in to process of generating signals and moving them down the chain. This Bybee product line is to be thought of as the basics one needs to invest in for making music and then you just add equipment in and out of it as you want to play with various sources and such. But the reality of it all is you may well not need to change anything ever again because the truth within the music has come home to stay and your foot is a bouncing as that silly kid grin is stretching from ear to ear. - Unsolicited comment from Bybee Customer dated 4/2019


I try Bybee QSE with great improvement under my audiosensibility distribution bar...

Next I install iQSE inside my Moon Supernove CD Player with very good results.  I also try QSE under my Monster HTS 5100 for my TV room with great improvement on sound and image.  The only advice is that you try one at the time depending on your systeme topology.

It is not so expensive for the benefit of music and picture.


I have now extensively used both the iQSE and QSE panels ...
and I can't believe how much of an overall improvement they make (clarity, bass/impact, resolution, etc) when used in many different circumstances... Doug email response.
I have one iQSE placed on top of the Tara Labs AD/6 Powerscreen ...

that my CD Transport, DAC, and amp are plugged into (preamp is an autoformer passive). I am hearing substantial improvements very similar to those described in the positive feedback review.

I have two more arriving today, that I am going to experiment with placing on/in my transport and DAC.  tommylion, 07-21-2017 - Audiogon

I also try Bybee iQSE inside my CD player and one QSE under my power amp...

and the effect allowed better stereo image, and the revealing of other accompain instruments, not heard before.

your explanation:  "The reasoning is the connection keeps the two speaker parts in synch. rather than allowing the crossover parts to skew to timing.The neg strap brings them together.That is the reasoning i read on this tweak."  05-29-2018 Elisabeth - Audiogon

I received the ISQE an hour ago GMT...

 I use a PC desk top for my audio  and asus stx sound card I go out coax to a wyred 4sound remedy then to W4S SE DAC balanced out to a line transformer the to a musical fidelity valve satge X10D and finally to a Lavardin IS ref amp  I then go to double Lowther in Hedlund horns.   The whole system due to the lowthers and horns is very senistive indeed and I have long suspected that my PC which I use for movies and internet duties is a mess of electrical hash. But as I've built I've got to a sound that is very rewarding and much improved  at the top end where digital can sound very harsh and hashy , especially on classical and high compression recordings . I also run my Linn into the asus sound card as I like the Asus basic equaliser which for my ears sounds much better than the Foobar equaliser.  Anyhow it been sounding great recently and I have my eye once the reviews are out on the new Lavardin x series or if not a transformer passive preamp.  So all is good.  But something has nagged me for years about electrical hash and veiling mush on the signal especially where the PC was concerned and I have long thought that there was more to audio replay than sharper, louder.  And so on.
As I said  I received your ISEQ about three hours ago here in the UK  and placed it on the Asus sound card,  and  as I've in between varnishing a floor I've only had a chance to listen to Dean Martin, Handel, Madonna , Ray Charles, Gerry and the Pace Makers and Billie HolidayWell all I can say is 'Bloody Hell' .it's fantastic so much mush has simply vanished. All the things you want in audio have been enhanced. Violin strings rasp. the synths on Madonna's 'Holiday' are s rich and clean . Yes that's it normally clean is associated with a dryness, a sterile feel but this is clean but everything harmoniously richer with fine detail.I look forward the next few days to playing music and watching some hi def material. I sometimes find I can go cold on what I perceived as an improvement after several days but I'm convinced that's not the case here. If after extensive listening I remain impressed I'll be buying another

The benefits of iQSE blocs are vastly enhanced bass, especially at the leading edge attack...

Better definition of instruments and the space around them.  Enhanced location cues, expanding apparent listening space, added depth behind the speakers and sonic images extending laterally beside the speakers.  I perceive the music floating more independently of the speakers, yet at the same time better grounded.  Acceleration of bass attack is noticeable enough to change the pacing, in my system. My David Berning OTL tube amplifiers and preamp, which have proven remarkably resistant to most tweaks, responded positively.  Tacking one on the back of each speaker at the terminal panel (presumably near the crossover) was effective in enhancing dynamic range, smoothness and bass harmonics.  Placement on top of the speaker at front edge had a beneficial effect of clarifying midrange and encouraging a shimmering, appealing top end. 

Remarkably, one of the most dramatic effects of the iQSE I experienced was completely unexpected.  Among Jack’s beta adopters one reported success placing them at the inputs and outputs of a house electrical utility meter.  The mildly magnetic gizmos are easy to place in a home fuse box.  I experimented with 2, 3 or 4 stuck onto the face of the breaker switch panel. Wow, the effect was quite rich dramatically infusing the qualities mentioned above.  Keep in mind this is a recently remodeled home electrical system.  My gear is treated with top-notch power conditioning.  Household circuit quieting products from Acoustic Revive, High Fidelity and Akiko have been deployed.  Surprisingly images on TV from cable box and DVD player, excluded from my AC power conditioner, benefited greatly though I seldom note or  greatly value those kinds of improvements.  Color saturation increased dramatically and the details of cosmetics on brightly lit TV faces. As I suggest it’s a very dramatic and quite welcome enhancement to a household electrical system.  I achieved best results deploying eight iQSE samples (and I bought them all): 2 at the fuse panel, 1 DAC, 1 preamp, 1 each for the monoblock amps and loudspeaker terminal panels. Dave Radlauer

I finally added 3 iQSE's to my AC panel yesterday.

 I was somewhat surprised by the amount of improvement but am very happy with the result!  Thanks. Brian email

It was a long time that I did not listen to a CD. 
 And now, I have discovered new percussions in a particular piece of music, isn't it wonderfull ?  I find that the music is very clean and focus, so may be, that's why new instruments are better revealed ?
Thank you for your great products:  Bybee QSE and iQSE !  Simon - email
I received the 5 iQSE devices on Wednesday.

>Installed one device in my tube preamplifier and one device tube DAC at 6:45pm on Wednesday. After a few hours I started to hear some subtle improvements. I then added one device on top of my Mac Mini which serves as my computer music server. It is exactly one day later, 6:45pm on Thursday, and am now sending you this e-mail. Enjoying the music as I I am very satisfied with the improvements that the iQSE devices have made on my two channel system! Low level detail has improved as well as the timbre/tone/texture of the music. Absolutely no negatives. Steven - email response

Okay I can see the flames already. Ordered the iQSE on Sunday,

received it today, Wednesday in Nova Scotia from Ontario.  What is it? Well it is said to be a Internal quantum Signal enhancer, Whatever does it perform? I'll leave that to the experts. I placed mine on top of the oppo 105 figuring if its any good it will work here too. I first played the first cut of Madeline Peyroux, "Secular Hymns". What? You don't have it? Shame on you.:) It's recorded in a Norman cathedral in England. Well this little device brought out more of her vocals and the feel of the atmosphere of the recording. I hate that when I can't explain why.  It just did. Every song and everything seemed to fill up in the space better. Go figure. I'm not saying you need to try this. To each his own. But something good is really happening here. In my system. YMMV! The same is happening to Feist's "The Reminder" I'm wondering if there is a collective effect with my Blue Circle devices and the IQSE. Now remember I'm only saying what I heard in my system. That is all I heard. It isn't going back. Stupid good and I can't explain to you why something like this works. I'm truly humbled. This is only my observation. I'm sure others will dump on it. That's fine. 😆 cheers, Lloyd – Canuck Audio forum

I have had the Bybee iqse in my setup for some weeks now and I am impressed..

The sound is totally changed. Everything is much better. I would say this is the biggest upgrade I have ever done for the money spent. Sound is way better from top to bottom, soundstage is bigger, sound is more relaxed, better defined bass and more detail.

Torstein Johansen
Norway June 2019

Quantum Purifiers and Purifier Products

I have installed Bybee speaker bullets on my Apogee Duetta Signature speakers ...

and just love them! Since I am using my speakers in bi-wired mode, I bought 2 pairs per speaker. Better resolution on low-level details, increased transparency and lower noise level. I have installed Bybee purifiers on the AC input line of my Benchmark DAC and Krell Monoblocks with same results. 

The Bybee will not color the sound of your equipment, they just give you access to information that seemed to be veiled prior to the installation of these devices. Very similar effect as upgrading from a mid-level interconnect to a reference-grade interconnect from same cable manufacturer or inserting a top-of-line power conditionner in your system. Just everything gets better. 07-10-2014 dasign - Audiogon

Bybee products tend to be controversial but I'll be darned if I can see why.

I have used his power cords, early models of his speaker bullets, purifiers soldered directly in line with the drivers of my speakers themselves and purifiers that go between preamp out ICs and the amp inputs and the result is always the same...increased transparency, purity and intelligibility. None of my stuff is the newest latest greatest BTW. A few months ago I decided to run a little experiment and started pulling out Bybees just to see if I was fooling myself. It took 30 seconds of listening to realize what a mistake that was. - acresverde 07-09-2014 Audiogon

I have installed the Bybee AC Purifiers...

 supplied kindly by you to my pre-amp and they are great. Still burning in but initial results are great.  Separately I have installed small copper QP’s to a client’s filament power (B+ and B-) with great results too. Paul - email response 1/22/19


I wanted to thank you for the very special speaker bullets.
The silence they create can only be experienced to be appreciated.  I'll spare you any audio-babble about their effect....Rich - email
I want to say thanks. I build electronics as a hobby for private and friends use for years.

I use purifiers in my speakers and electronics.  Today I received the latest 2 quantum purifiers that I inserted before the OPAmps on the DAC in my tube based Preamp.
I always noticed difference with the bybees, but this time I was amazed. The difference was huge. Actually I got tears in my eyes listening to old Supertramp songs. To non believers (the ones that said they tried them because for the others I don't borther). If you cant hear the difference something else is wrong. Also, I experience that besides the ones for the speakers, the biggest gain i got was on the power lines and not the signal. Actually I don't use them on the signal as I do not like what they do. On the power lanes on the other hand, they do miracles. The kids and my wife, notice the difference today, without me telling me anything.
Petty that I am not a millionaire as I could easily use more.

Thanks again for making this technology available to the common folk.

9/6/2019 Panos Mitkas panos@mitkas.com

Active Room Neutralizers and Passive Room Neutralizers

The single most astonishing purchase I have just made in my 40 year hifi life...

the Bybee Active room neutralizer. I had a nightmare listening room, a relatively small perfect 15' cube, and the Bybee has transformed the listening, JUST like the reviewers say. My prior 'go to' acceessories were the Lessloss cables, which I still love, but I may have to change my username to Bybeelover! I have zero affiliation or agenda, and am trying to stay on topic as the original post raved about a company's product that over time has been soured for a lot of people. 

I have some appreciation of the physics of Bybee products - or at least that there IS physics at work, but boy for me the change has been amazing. The room has literally alost vanished! Many threads of course devoted to his products but for this listener Bybee effects trump CPT any day. 2-24-2018 lesslosslover - Audiogon

Just want to let you know how happy I'm with my Bybee Active Room Neutralizers.

I have a high resolution set, nothing to improve upon it anymore. But a great pain was always the acoustics of my living room. Not possible to change my major living space for the music. Many room treatment items are also not fitting well with the art on the walls and the furniture. But finally - after many years - I decided to try a few things nevertheless. This accidentally happened to be a few months after the Bybee active room neutralisers were available, which I did not know. My dealer The Cable Company advised me to try a few alternatives, like the passive and active Bybees and the Synergystic Research products. After a lot of hearing, placing the products on many different places, removing them and reinstalling them, the miracle happened. I only hear the loudspeakers and no distortion anymore from reflection of walls, furniture, floor etc. Just the sound from the loudspeakers. Amazing.

I have tried to understand what takes place, read and reread the information from the manufacturer, a few reviews, but I do not understand it. I can understand that the spin of the molecules and atoms that make up the air in my room is changed. But I cannot understand how this prevents reflections of the sound. Maybe someone finally can explain, but that is just for my curiosity, because what is most important: it works wonderfully. 
The sound is not changed in any way. It sounds as if I listen close to the loudspeakers. But further off there always was distortion through reflection and now it is gone. And that was what I wanted.

Alfredmaurits in the Netherlands

Yes I bought 2 Bybee ARN...

 one week ago and so happy with sound enhancements I bought two more. Received them this day. Not installed yet. 2-23-18 - barbapapa - Audiogon

I finished the install and tweeking the position of the ARNs.
Like all your recent creations this one is another stunning one.  I ended up with two  spread wide behind the speakers and two behind my listening seat. Had to lower them to about 45” from the floor, otherwise the benefits had to fight a little too much high end.  At that final position everything got better, more detail, remarkable dynamics and a recovery of the acoustics of the recording site.   I could’t stop listening for hours. Ben, email.

RCA Adapters

It took only 25 or so hrs to come to life but once it did it was hard to live without.
It truly made the music just come to life! More you are there feeling, cleaner, more bass impact, all around just better.  My system is entirely balanced except for my phono and I tried it first into my Kondo step-up. it was ok but it really came to life using it from the step-up into my 22 tubed NVO phono section. I tried it also out of the NVO into my Atmasphere MP-1 pre but again the best place was into the NVO. 
I had a friend over Thursday evening and after listening for an hr I said take a listen to this. I didn't tell what I was doing but all I did was remove the bullets from the system and we listened again. He said is that the same song? I showed him the bullets and put them back in and he was amazed. Steve, email

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