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Jack Bybee was the founder and inspiration of Bybee Technologies.   Jack  always had an interest in science and electronics, even making a transistor radio from scratch as a young boy. Following his stint in the military, and subsequent college education as a physcist, Jack had various job experiences. His one passion for cars led to the ownership of an automobile performance shop.   His other passion for music led to Bybee Technologies.  In music, Jack was similar to other music lover’s in his pursuit of music nirvana.   Jack’s science and physcist background gave him the understanding about the negative effects of quantum noise.  He began a pursuit to eliminate quantum noise in the music signal path. Countless hours and trials later, he developed a Quantum Purification technique.  Subsequently, the Bybee Quantum Purifiers were borne. Now, decades later, Bybee Technologies continues to produce Quantum Purifiers as well as other products that attempt to reach music nirvana.  

Sadly, Jack passed away in September 2020 at the age of 89 years.  Today, Bybee Technologies remains viable thanks to a small staff that are committed to producing qualitiy and innovative products; and meeting customer’s needs.  All of Bybee products are meticulously hand made.   Music lovers around the world have discovered the amazing and unique benefits of upgrading their electronics and loudspeakers with the Bybee products.  By optimizing connectivity and streamlining electrons with Bybee products, audio and/or home theater system are now able to approach their full performance potential.

Bybee Technologies LLC

Bybee products can be tried risk free, as all of the Bybee products come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Bybee products are marketed through authorized resellers and distributors, never directly to retail customers. To see our list of locations to purchase Bybee Products, click HERE. In addition to retailers for the Bybee Products, a number of authorized Bybee partners are building their own products with Bybee Quantum Purifiers inside. To check out these great products, click HERE.