Innovative Audio Products


Below are a few questions and answers about our products.   If you have a specific question not listed here, please leave that comment for us.   Check back often for additional answers to questions. 

How long will the iQSEs and QSEs work?

Answer: Both of these products are designed to last forever.

What is meant by placement of purifiers at furthers down signal position?

Answer:   All connections, solder points, cables, wires, cords, etc. create unwanted noise.   Therefore it is always recommended to place our purifiers at the most reasonable position closest to signal destination.

Do Quantum Purifiers need to be installed directionally?

Answer: No.  They are passive devices and can be inserted into the signal path in either direction.

Why does the appearance of products occassionally change?

Answer:  All of Bybee products are hand made, and slight variances can be expected.  Occasionally, we will alter the look of our products, but that doesn't reflect the performance.

Do Bybee products need a break-in?

Answer: Yes.  All of our products require a period of time to be effective.  Most of our products will have an immediate effectiveness that will improve for up to 200 hours.  Even the iQSEs, QSEs, ARNs and Active RNs require a period of time to work effectively.

Will heat effective the iQSE?

Answer:  No.   The iQSE is specifically designed to withstand heat.  The QSE is not recommended for situations with excessive heat.

What is the warranty of Bybee products?

Answer: All of our products carry a 100% user satisfaction.  Within the first 30 days of ownership, if you are unhappy for any reason, you will receive your full refund.  If your product breaks during the first year, and it is not the result of user mishandling, it will be fixed or replaced free of charge.

How does the iQSE and QSE interact with the other Bybee products like the QSE and Room Neutralizers?

Answer:   Both products work exceptionally well with our line of other products, and help enhance the performance of the ARNs and Passive RNs.

What is the optimum number of QSEs and iQSEs for my system?

Answer:  That is difficult to answer because each system and room configuration is different.  These products have accumulative effectiveness, meaning that each additional piece adds a layer of improvement.

What is the difference between the ARNs and Passive RNs?

Answer:  The Passive RNs receive their boost through the attached 6" receiving antenna.   The ARNs receive their boost from the home AC circuit.

How many ARNs and Passive RNs are needed for my room?

Answer:  We generally recommend a minimum 2 ARNs for most rooms up to 300 sq. ft.   For rooms larger, more ARNs will be helpful, or placement of Passive RNs staggered on surrounding walls will also be effective.

Do ARNs and Passive RNs need to be exposed to work?

Answer: No.  They are specifically designed to be discretely placed behind drapes, pictures, furniture, etc.

Do Quantum Purifiers need a break-in?

Answer:  Yes.  Sometimes the sound will be unfavorable, only to improve with time.  The Purifiers are normally fully burned-in at 200 hours?

How do I break-in my products?

Answer: The best way is to leave the system on continuously for one week playing music.  Sound can be set at zero, as it is only important to have a signal present.

What is Crystal Technology?

Answer:  Our technology discovered in 2014 was originally called Crystal Technology to identify it from earlier years models.  Now, we incorporate this Crystal Technology into each and every product that we make, and do not call it by name.

Will the field generated by a Quantum Signal Enhancer cause any harm to a hard drive. It would be an HDD.

Answer: No.  The QSE and iQSE should actually improve the performance.

Can I change plugs on the ARNs?

Answer: Do not cut off the existing plug on the ARNs.  Our plug is part of the overall performance of the product.