Innovative Audio Products

OEM Manufactures

We do not normally ask other companies how they use our products, and they are not obligated to advise us.  For a few companies, our Quantum Puriifers are the "secret sauce" that elevates their product to the next level.  However, we do know that numerous companies are using the Bybee Technologies Quantum Purifier in their products they produce.  Our Quantum Purifiers are known to exist in various products, such as cables, cords, speakers and other interesting accessories. 

Please look at these great products from our partners around the world! If you are interested in becoming a licensed partner with Bybee Technologies, please contact us:

North America OEM

Wells Audio
Jeff Wells, owner
106 Bascom Court
Campbell, Ca. 95008
Tel: 408-376-0861
Fax: 408-615-6811
Email: jeff@wellsaudio.com

Jeff Wells, owner of Wells Audio builds excellent amplifiers using Bybee purifiers.  Contact this company for more information.

The Upgrade Company LLC
David J. Schulte
209 S Stephanie Street
Suite B143
Henderson NV 89012
(702) 708-4378
Email: MrHiEndAudio@aol.com
Web: : http://www.upgradecompany.com

Inventor David J. Schulte is a 33 year veteran of high end audio and A/V.  The Upgrade Company has been serving hobbyist and pro audio clients in over 43 countries for over 7 years.

Tweek Geek
12303 Airport Way
Suite 200
Broomfield, Colorado 80021
Tel: 303-653-6341
Website: http://www.tweekgeek.com
Email: Sales@tweekGeek.com

Tweek Geek makes a few products branded "Bybee" that use the purifiers.  Check our these great products.

Acoustique Technologies
Joe De Melo
1970 rue Beaubien est
Montreal, Qc H2G 1M1
Ph: 514-387-4944
Email: info@acoustic-tech.com
Website: http://www.acoustic-tech.com

Acoustique Technologies is a High End Audio Visual Boutique situated in Montreal, Qc Canada. We offer high end audiophile equipment, cables, DIY supplies, and tweaks to the audiophile enthusiasts. Bybee Quantum products are available for in store modifications and upgrades. We also sell Bybee Products to DIY audiophile enthusiasts who would like to do their own upgrades.

Audio Sensibility
Contact: Steven Huang
3 Mylesview Place
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 2M7
Audio Sensiblility is a manufacturer of high-end audio cables. Our Signature power cables incorporate Bybee Quantum Purifiers.

Worldwide OEM

Worldwide Locations

N&E Audio
Contact: Edison Wong
Address:Rm 506, Nga Fu House, Tin Fu Crt Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Tin Shui Wai
Hong Kong
Web Address: www.nandeaudio.com
N&E Audio is Hong Kong base design and manufacturer company.   Ediscreation is trademark for our items.  We provide high quality HiFi Amplifier, Power station, Liner power supply, HiFi PC and Custom made solution.  Bybee version is an upgrade option for items like Power station and Liner power supply etc.  We also provide Bybee upgrade service for any HiFi items.

Audiocom International Ltd
Mark Bartlett
6 Churchill Park
SA68 0SD
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1646 650046
Email: mbartlett@audiocominternational.com
Website: www.audiocominternational.com

Audiocom specialize in CD, SACD, DVD and Blu-ray player modifications in addition to upgrades for DAC processors, amplifiers, network music players, Ipod docks & home cinema equipment.   Bybee Purifiers are included in many upgrades.

Lenehan Audio Pty Ltd
10/185 Currumburra Road
Assmore 4214 Queensland, Austrialia
Phone: 61+755645596 Mobile61+418 765726
Email: mike@lenehanaudio.com.au
Website: www.lenehanaudio.com.au

Manufacture and design of purist high end Loudspeakers utilizing only SOTA components in our Reference and Limited Products. Bybee product produces positive results that no other product worldwide can and in fact has zero competition. Currently no all out High End audio system is credible if Bybee products aren’t being used.

Boenicke Audio
sven boenicke
Baselstrasse 14
4144 Arlesheim
Email: info@boenicke-audio.ch
Website: http://www.boenicke-audio.ch/

In addition to performing custom upgrades on audio components, boenicke audio designs and builds loudspeakers radically different from most designs on the market. Bybee Quantum Purifiers incorporated into those loudspeakers enable the designs to achieve their full potential. Demonstration recordings using probably the best recording equipment on earth — also incorporating Bybee Quantum Purifiers — are available from Boenicke audio as well.

Wilmer Workshop

Shop 15, 1st Floor, Wonder Building
No. 161-175 Fok Wah Street
Sham Shui Po, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Contact : Wilmer Wong
Tel :+852-91086813
Email : ww_cable@hotmail.com

Union Audio, aka Wilmer Workshop, is a Hi-End audio products manufacturer, they design in Hong Kong and manufacturing in their own factory in China, the Hong Kong shop other than running their own brands (Wilmer Workshop, Horus Audio, MQA Audio) , also being distributor or dealer of other brands such as Bybee

Spring Audio
Contact: Spring Song
E-mail: sprsong@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.springaudio.com/

Spring Audio's focus is to bring the most magical and best effect audio accessories products into China.  Spring Audio strives to maintain the high performance-price ratio policy for the Chinese audiophiles. Many products represented by Spring Audio are breakthrough technology that use modern physics to benefit the audio industry.

Jorma Design
Phone: +46 706 360070
Fax: +46 31 626968
Email: jormadesign@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.jormadesign.com/

Jorma Design is the Swedish distributor for Bybee products and a producer of fine audio cables. Our best cables incorporate Bybee Quantum Purifiers. We also cooperate with loudspeaker producer Marten Design, supplying all of the internal wiring in their speakers. Bybee Quantum Purifiers are featured In Marten Design’s flagship Coltrane speakers.

KBL Sound
ul. Bednarska 26
00-321 Warszawa
Ph: (48) 6965551495
Fax: +61 (0)2 4872-1453
Email: info@kblsound.com
Website: www.kblsound.com

KBL Sound is a manufacturer of non-compromised audio cables and accessories, serving Poland and surrounding areas. KBL Sound incorporates Bybee Quantum Purifiers into our top line cables and specially designed Quantum Power Enhancer, making both even more musically outstanding. We also offer all the Bybee products to customers who wish to perform their own electronics upgrade, or listening room improvement.