Bybee Purifiers

These unique devices are at the heart of every Bybee Slipstream and Golden Goddess plug-in “Instant Upgrade” product. Originally developed (and still used) for military applications, this quantum purification technology has proven that eliminating sub-audible noise—i.e., noise unmeasurable by typical test-bench instruments–at the quantum mechanical level produces previously unattainable resolution and beauty in home audio and video. For more than twenty years select Original Equipment Manufacturers and elite custom upgrade specialists have used Bybee Quantum Purifiers to enhance the performance of hundreds of highly regarded electronic components and loudspeakers.

Experienced audiophiles with knowledge of electronics and good soldering skills can improve the sound of their system components at very reasonable cost by installing Quantum Purifiers themselves. Loudspeaker upgrades are even easier.  Look at the DIY Guidelines or Speaker Installation Options for help.  Or if it is preferred to have someone else modify your system, then just click on Modifications and DIY Retail to find the most recommended locations for improving your system with Bybee Quantum Purifiers.

Quantum Signal Enhancers, iQSEs and Plug-in Products

Bybee Technologies also has upgrade products for audio lovers that require no skill in installation.  The popular Quantum Signal Enhancers and iQSE have become some of the most popular products, with thousands of units sold to satisfied customers around the world.  These two products produce huge audio gains for relatively small cost.  Further, our RCA Adapter, Power Cords, and Plug-In Speaker Bullets offer listeners ease of installation and significant improvements.  Click here to see our line of plug-in products.

Also, Bybee Technologies offers a line of products which is only available only to our licensed OEM partners.   These products are designed with the same technology as other Bybee products but at a reduced cost.    Audio industry manufacturers interested in becoming a licensed OEM partner should contact us.

To see our product lists, click below:


Power and Room Products

Plug-in Product List


30-DAY RETURN GUARANTEE: Bybee Technologies and all authorized Bybee resellers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with any purchase.

WARRANTY: Bybee Technologies warrants all Bybee products against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.


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